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At this moment right now sitting listening to Anthony Green, trying to figure things in my mind about my life. Things are messed up…I just dont know how to handle it anymore. I am that kind of person that likes to have everything organized and figured out. Trying to organize my life right now is difficult due to certain people in my life that shouldn’t be in it, personal problems, work problems, money problems, future problems. In general, PROBLEMS. I guess that’s what becoming an adult mean I have no clue. But trying to cope with it, I was in a state of mind where things were handed to me like not working…getting money from my parents, waking up till late…and I just breezed through life and made it so much easier. Now I have all these issues where I have no time for myself, time to just relax and have a good time and not worry about anything or anybody. Paying for stuff, complaining about the way you look or feel. Waking up early for work…being at work. Always tired, tired of life and you feel like you just want it to stop and look at the things you have in front of you. And try to realize, what are you doing with yourself? Is this what you really want for yourself? With these people you call “friends” at this stage of your life. What is MY life right now? I have no idea. I honestly don’t know, I thought I had this figured out…but I don’t. My mind is constantly running, always thinking about things. ALWAYS. Then I have people, in my ear telling me what to do…How old are you? Old enough…So let me live my life and do what I want. And make MY own decisions, you might of made mistakes but that doesn’t mean I’ll make the same. And it’s so hard to even talk to those people because you’ll just feel like an asshole for saying something to get your point across. That’s what annoys me the most, I can’t speak my mind because I’ll just get shut down and be told I am wrong. Or an argument will begin about something so stupid…and I always have to be the better person and keep my mouth shut. MY opinion never matters to anyone. I’ve changed a bit, just because life can be a son of a bitch…so I needed a fucken back bone. IDGAF anymore. All I can say right now is… I have to get my shit together and hope for the best. And let it be…Goodnight.

  -  22 January 2012




just reblogged this the other day, but at this particular moment it looks like heaven


this just reminds me of beau.

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it would be nice to come home to someone who’s been waiting their whole day to see you, and just cuddle up, watch a movie and fall asleep. 

Dreamin’ of unconditional love…

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